Public Lecture at UNE

The Myth of the Chemical Cure: The Politics of Psychiatric Drug Treatment.

5 thoughts on “Public Lecture at UNE

  1. Wonderful, thank you!

    Cogent and insightful. There is a huge lurking question which has not been asked which
    is the following: It has been demonstrated beyond a doubt that there is a genetic predisposition
    to the condition of schizophrenia. This is frequently used to justify the disease centred-model.
    However one has to interpret the finding. That genes are involved does not mean there is a specific
    neuro-chemcial problem as the way genes express themselves neurologically are likely so complex
    that the symptoms could be the result of functional psychological processes which nevertheless have a
    genetic underpinning. Like a kitchen knife which is slightly weaker but will not break if used correctly- hence
    the association of childhood trauma and the condition.

    So following the gist of the argument, how does one make sense of the role of genes in the drug-centred model?


    • Hi Alex,

      On what basis do you propose that a genetic predisposition to schizphrenia has been demonstrated beyond a doubt?

  2. I believe thus us a very important bpol by Joanna Moncreiff, Co Chairperson of the Critical Psychiatry Network

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