I regret that I cannot offer clinical advice, and due to the volume of mail I receive, I may not respond to your enquiry if that is what it concerns.

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Dr. Joanna Moncrieff,

    How often do you see pssd? Do you think if someone has not sexually recovered after 3 months being off prozac that more than likely she/he never will.

    Thank you very much,

  2. I hate Antipsychotic medication, this is my take on it, it is Greatest thing available for someone suffering from mental illness, or psychotic on the streets yelling, screaming, Antipsychotics should be given, however once person is clinically normal 2-3 days all conventional medicines should be replaced with orthomolecular supplements or other alternatives that DO NOT CARRY MAJOR SIDE EFFECTS, INCLUDING DEATH. However they aren’t replaced, they may cause you suicidal thoughts, make you sick, they may be forced fed and shoved down your throat. You then start to suffer zombie effects, walking dead,no energy to bother night shift employees playing card games or watching TV. These conventional poisons ( medicines) have many, many suffering side effects to include TD Tardive Dyskinesia, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Weight Gain (30-60 lbs) . If you require Antidepressants those are yet another joke, if you are suffering greatly and given Antidepressants it will take 8-12 weeks before you see any relief, relief is between 35-65% helpful.
    Ha ha, what a joke. All meds do not cure, they only treat symptoms. Find an alternative medicine that has no side effects, just Google and type in your question & learn. Read medication madness, Dr Peter B. Breggin . Dr Joanna Moncrieff. Do something.

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