The Bitterest Pills by Dr Joanna MoncrieffLATEST BOOK – The Bitterest Pills: The Troubling Story of Antipsychotic Drugs

Antipsychotic (neuroleptic) drugs have become some of the biggest blockbusters of the early 21st century, increasingly prescribed not just to people with ‘schizophrenia’ or other severe forms of mental disturbance but for a range of more common psychological complaints. This book challenges the accepted account that portrays antipsychotics as specific treatments that target an underlying brain disease and explores early views that suggested, in contrast, that antipsychotics achieve their effects by inducing a state of neurological suppression. Professional enthusiasm for antipsychotics eclipsed this understanding, exaggerated the benefits of antipsychotics and minimized or ignored evidence of their toxic effects.
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Joanna Moncrieff

Public Lecture at UNE
The Myth of the Chemical Cure: The Politics of Psychiatric Drug Treatment


Dr Joanna Moncrieff argues that drugs for depression and schizophrenia are not getting to the root of these conditions


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