Philosophy Part 8: So what is ‘mental disorder’? Part 2 The social problem

Looking at the history of the mental health system reveals the social functions it continues to fulfil and enables us to think about how we might address them more fairly and transparently


Challenging the new hype about antidepressants

The extraordinary media hype over the latest meta-analysis of antidepressants puts the discussion of these drugs back years. Despite the fact that 9% of the UK population are taking antidepressants (1), and rates of prescribing have doubled over the last decade (2), the authors of the analysis are calling for yet more prescribing. John Geddes…

Philosophy Part 3: Knowledge of mental states and behaviour – insights from Heidegger and others.

Wittgenstein illustrates that mental states are not private, universally identical brain processes or mental events. They are socially meaningful, recognisable patterns of behaviour characteristic of human beings. We can never understand or know such states by looking in the brain or constructing models or theories of what particular mental states consist of and how they…