I regret that I cannot offer clinical advice, and due to the volume of mail I receive, I may not respond to your enquiry if that is what it concerns.

6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Dr. Joanna Moncrieff,

    How often do you see pssd? Do you think if someone has not sexually recovered after 3 months being off prozac that more than likely she/he never will.

    Thank you very much,

  2. I Joseph Arsanis do not nor have I ever given you permission to post my messages for the public to read. I find you unbelievable for at least not trying to contact me first. 1/27/2020

  3. Has anyone Any idea who to get help from to process a nightmare called Catatonia ? Having experienced mania In January 20 after d/c the only Medicine / 300 mg of L carbonate in Early December for Bi polar 1 —and have it develop from Mania into Catatonia in Feb progressing from staring spells to the pointing of it persisting Where you are unable to move eat etc in May ? This happened .

  4. Jim Gottstein’s lecture on YouTube titled

    I am a victim of psychiatric oppression. I have put together some information that I think all users and survivors of psychiatric institutionalized discrimination and harassment, bullying, coercing, forcing people to take neuroleptics that are ineffective treatment first of all, but second is not disease-specific, no power to rectify or reverse a disease process in the brain because no such things are to be found and no, too much dopamine does not cause schizophrenia.

    (psychiatry has consistently failed to confirm it dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia.),

    “A Human Rights Lawyer’s Perspective on the Mental Health System”

    Source [7].
    • Neuroleptics cause massive amounts of harm
    • Neuroleptics are substantially responsible for cutting life span by over 25 years
    • Neuroleptics are substantially responsible to cutting the recovery rate at least in half
    • Neuroleptics are substantially the cause of the 6-fold increase in mental illness disability rate
    • Neuroleptics are hugely and unnecessarily expensive to the government
    • Neuroleptics inflict tremendous unnecessary human toll
    • Neuroleptics are life ruining social death penalty
    • Neuroleptics are intolerable and ineffective treatment

    Principles that must govern the interpretation of law in this area:
    • First do no harm to the person
    • Second do good for the person
    • Respect the freedom of choice and the right to self-determination
    • Right to develop one’s own personality
    • Respect the person’s autonomy and authority over his own being
    • Freedom from force, fraud, violence, exploitation, and abuse
    • No structural or institutionalized discrimination or harassment

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